Friday, August 14, 2009


I have been busy!! Here we go:

Wednesday: I helped the beautiful Alyssa T-bo move back to school down by the beach. I learned something hilarious about me, well I kinda already knew it, but it really showed...I LOVE to organize. Like woah. It's an obsession. I unpacked most her boxes and she just watched as I went to work and I enjoyed every minute of it! I'm gonna have a field day when I get to unpack my entire apartment (which I only have 20 days left.)
I ended up spending the night there due to buying coffee at 11 pm and staying up till 5am talking with her and reminding ourselves of old times! It's always a pleasure to spend time with an old friend.
Thursday: Tamara (my adorable roomie), her mom received free tickets to Laguna's Sawdust Festivalwhich in fact I was dying to go to since I hadn't been in a good 4 years! Its so amazing to me, art that is. I love talking and hearing every single artist story behind a painting or piece of jewelry. My favorite there was a mixed media tree of life, I wish I had a picture of it!
After, I took her to my secret spot in Laguna Beach where we had fun taking and getting pictures taken of us by this sweet woman!
Friday: I went with Kelsea to her Step Ahead event at CBU (which she is attending with me in the fall) I absolutely love my school! Everything and everyone is beautiful there! The downside of the trip was she registered really late so she got stuck with a bogus schedule for the first semester.
I cheered her up by taking her to the worlds largest Forever 21. Yes and I do mean the actual LARGEST Forever 21. Three stories to be exact. It is the one where Nick works out (really weird having him there in my favorite store while I have 3 shopping bags full of clothes.) I did way too much damage! But on the bright side of the shopping spree I bought what I am wearing to Warped tour (Alyssa I know you were worried about it)
And now I just got back from a lovely dinner out with the family and I am waiting for Nick to come over so we can go hang out with B.A.N.D (Becky. Alaina. Nick. Daniel)
How was your week?

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  1. you're too adorable. and I'd LOVE to do some damage at this 3 story forever 21 you speak of ;D