Saturday, November 14, 2009


Cody is my sister's nephew and I've mentioned before how he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 9 and he is now almost 14 here's an update:

Dear Family and Friends,

More good news to share!!! Cody just started using his walker over the week end and is already making it his primary mode of getting around...except, of course if we are in a situation that requires long periods of time.

We started our day heading to the clinic for a doctor visit. In route we discussed whether to use his walker or wheelchair. He opted for the walker as he wanted to surprise the doctor. As we walked into the clinic, all the staff and nurses, were totally blown away as Cody came "strolling" into the front office. They all clapped and hurrahed.

He "stood" on the scales (this is a big deal because up until now, in order to get his weight, I had to weigh in first then pick him up and weigh in again - subtract my weight), he stood up against the wall to get his height, 1/4" shy of 5'. We then went into the assigned room to wait for the doctor. She knocked and opened the door...stood there, jaw dropped as she noted the missing wheelchair. Cody proudly announced that he is walking. She asked him to walk for her. He gladly obliged. She smiled from ear to ear as she watched him and said....."Wow Cody! Unbelievable! You are a miracle!!!!"

She also said that she was at a "tumor board" meeting earlier in the morning- these pow-wow shappen every other week with the radiologists, oncologists, therapists, neurologists, nutritionists and all the other "ists". She said that there were 3 radiologists discussing and debating Cody's last MRI...they could not all conclusively determine what that "new" something was on his spine, but it is likely not a tumor, they could agree that one of the tumors on his mid spine was gone!!! This is awesome news! We are so grateful to God for this and all of the other many miracles in this journey! He will have another MRI in December (every 2 months for awhile).

After the clinic we headed over to CHOC for physical therapy...Cody did awesome and again, everyone there also clapped and hurrahed. A couple of weeks ago we had run into one of the oncologists in the parking lot. I told him Cody was close to walking. He suggested that when he did start walking, to go up to the oncology floor to say hello to the nurses as they would love to see Cody's progress and it would make their day. So we did that today. We snuck up to the 3rd floor. The first nurse we ran into was one that had lost her own son to cancer and was particularly concerned for Cody. She was ecstatic. She took us over to the nurses station to show Cody off. They were all so happy to see him. Then Cody requested to see one doctor in particular, but she was in a meeting. The nurses took us over to the meeting room anyway and opened the door for Cody to walk in. The doctor was so surprised and taken back, she was moved to tears. Cody was all smiles. She told him, "you not only made my day, you made my whole year!!" (She said this after she told him multiple times that he is a miracle.) Cody was the man of the hour and it truly energized him.

Had to share this day with you......just thinking about where we were vs. where we are has humbled us beyond words.
Thank you for praying, caring and hanging in there with us on this journey.

The Days

Please continue praying for The Day's. Cody is a true miracle!


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