Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday night recap

4-6pm: Had a little roomie talk with Val. I love these, we get so much off our chest about school, family, boys, friends and just life in general.

6:30-10pm: Surprise party for the beautiful Amber for her big 21! We went to Miguels restaurant at Dos Lagos. Soooo much fun! She was oblivious even when she came to our table, she didn't realize we were all there for her...all 30 of us haha.

After the party I was planning on going to the parents house, but plans changed...

10:30-1:30: Me, Kolin, Val, and Joseph went to see Avatar. Finally. And in 3-D. Man oh man was this a great movie. I was exhausted, so for three minutes (yes, three minutes to be exact) I fell asleep but I just couldn't bare missing the movie!
On the way back to school there was so much fog, Val and I felt like we were in a horror movie, the boys weren't impressed. But hey, that's usually the case.

Thanks for a fun Friday night everyone. Now off to go thrifting with my girls!

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