Saturday, February 20, 2010


some yummy goodies.
I woke up at 11 today, what a delight to sleep in.
Went to lunch with my lovely friend Hannah, where we sat with Chris and Megan. Had some interesting conversations, to say the least.
After lunch, Hannah and I went on a bike/roller blade ride around campus.
Once Hannah's ankles started hurting she went back and I took some time to myself and rode a little longer.
I was in a "working out" mood today.
I rode to the boys plays. He's sweet.
We laid and watched Modern Family. A new show his oldest brother raved about and I must say it was pretty funny. It actually reminds me of The Office, only instead of being based in an office, it's based in homes.
Then we got a call from his dad to go on a mission for some candy bars.
After not being able to find the right kind, he kindly dropped me back off at my apartment and we parted ways. I decided not to go up to his parents this weekend and take some time to myself.
But I do miss him.
I dozed off for a bit.
Then woke up to give Nicho a hair cut. Him and his girlfriend are absolutely precious.
I went to dinner with Andrew and his friends. There was yummy chili in the caf tonight.
Ever since then I've sorta just been lazy.
Not much of an exciting Friday, but it sure does feel good to not have to do anything or be anywhere for once.

I was reminded by a darling new friend of mine today that; HE is rarely early, but ALWAYS on time.
God, you are there in my living. There in my breathing. Thank you.

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