Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last Night

My amazing iPhone unexpectedly crashed. For no reason. I left my phone on my bed, came back to receive my my new message and the screen was flashing all these different colors and lines followed by a white screen.
So naturally I call the trusty 611 number and get assistance only to find out I need to go get a new phone. Tyler (that's the trusty 611 operator that helped me) told me to backup my contacts on iTunes so I did and then I was off to the apple store.
Not only did it take a long time to get help there, the guy helping me told me there was water spots on my phone. I thought to myself "this isn't possible, I've never dropped it in water or even brought it near water for that matter". After he told me there was no possible way of him getting me a new iPhone, I just simply walked across the street to the AT&T store just to see what they would have to say. I love AT&T help. They are so kind and always striving to get exactly what the customer wants. There is where they said SURE! But and that's a BIG BUT, I couldn't do anything due to the fact I'm still under my parents plan and I need them present to make any sort of changes to the account. Which makes total sense.
So on that note, I drove from Victoria Gardens to South Corona to meet my dad at another AT&T store where they even UPGRADED my 3G to a 3GS!! How stoked on life do you think I was...SO STOKED. Oh and on top of it being a 3GS I went from a 3G 8GB to a 3GS 16GB!!! So sick.

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