Friday, March 26, 2010

Get comfortable, because this is a long one

Someone mentioned to me, "Alaina, I read your blog all the time and can't figure out your lil secret to being so happy and well put together all the time." 
This made me giggle.
My response was way longer than this post will be, but in summary, my life is far from "put together". She did however get one part right, I am a happy person. I'd rather spend my time with a smile on my face then a frown. I have God to thank for that. But when I'm sad, I'm sad and that means I need my alone time to regather my thoughts. 
In a way this blog is therapeutic for me. I know others will be reading it and I'm not trying to be fake by only writing about the positive things going on in my life, but I mean come on, would you really want to read a sappy post about how a bad day I'm having or how sometimes I slip a bad word here and there? 
There's this blog I have followed for over a year now, her name is Melissa, I am completely obsessed with her life (cue laughter). I found this to be, because her posts are always so positive and uplifting and I remember once someone asking her the same thing they asked me about her life, and her life is just as messy as the next, but instead of dwelling on negative things she only posts about happy times and that's exactly how I feel. 
If you are close to me, you know what my struggles are in life. If you aren't so close to me, change that if you really want to know that bad. I'm pretty much an open book,  If you are curious about something, come up to me and make conversation, but Well Hello There Darling is a place where I won't share the ugly.


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