Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mission Arizona = success

So two weeks ago, Heidi, Kaylee and myself were at dland the day after the boys left for choir tour, sadly we already missed them and came up with the idea of surprising them on one of their last shows in Phoenix AZ. It was SO hard to keep a secret from Kolin SHEESH, never again, well maybe ;)

beautiful palm springs at 5a.m.

gettin closer!

had to refuel around 7.


we were so silly, and made signs, it was GREAT.
he lit up!

kolin was seriously, one of the last guys out from back stage, he was texting me, I told him I was in church, little did he know I was at the church he was singing at!

we kidnapped them for the ride home!



WHEW. we did it!
group shot!

he makes me so incredibly happy!

kaylee, I LOVE YOU!

ps. thanks heidi for taking all the pics this trip, I was to anxious to even take my camera out.

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  1. good surprise baby =]]

    you make ME so happy! typos included =]