Monday, August 16, 2010

What do you wish?

i wish kolin and i were swimming in a big pool at this very moment. it's just so hot, and i wanna practice some pas de deux moves in the water!

i also wish apartments weren't so expensive to rent. $Too.much money for a teeny tiny 2 bedroom shoe box with no garage or yard and only 2 closets? who buys these places, people?

i wish poptarts (specifically the brown cinnamon sugar flavor) were a healthy snack that was recommended for your daily diet.

i wish people driving behind me at the stop light wouldn't honk the second the light turns green. it makes me all flustered. and frankly, i think it's rude.

i wish angry birds wasn't so much fun to play. I'm losing valuable sleep at our house thanks to those clever pigs with mustaches.

i wish i liked spending more time in the kitchen. 

and... i wish it was wednesday already.

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