Thursday, July 30, 2009

New TV

Finally I found a reasonable priced TV off craigslist...and the best part was I did not even have to go far to receive it!
The man I bought it from was a super down to earth dad. So sweet! He helped my poor lil crippled daddy lift it into the car (more so did it himself since my dad just had surgery)
I kinda felt bad in a way because he was selling it since his 10 year old son doesn't behave and the kid was standing right there! Kinda funny in a way, because I remember being in the kids same spot years back when I used to talk back to my mom and my mom would threaten to sell my stuff on eBay to make money that she would be able to spend on her other daughters, not me haha
All in all today was a good day spent with my mom running errands around town getting ready for Myksa's birthday party tomorrow.
Also we want to go on a lil mini vacation you have any place in mind that isn't too far away yet still fun and relaxing?

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