Sunday, August 2, 2009

To celebrate my lil sister Mykas birthday, we went to The Grove in L.A.
LONG but successful day to say the least. She's such a character and spending the day with her never gets old!
We ate at the cheese cake factory and my mom and I shared the most delicious apple/carmel/every thing delightful cheesecake ever!
There, Amber and Joseph bumped into us with the other birthday girl Avery! She's so precious!!
I don't have much to say other than I had an amazing day in L.A. with my parents and lil sister. So many great things and people to watch...never a boar!

Friday was Myka's birthday party with at least 15 little girls, running around talking at the same time
We went bowling. Hectic? Yes! But very entertaining. When we came home to open gifts, Myka had received The Jonas Brothers Movie...oh my goodness I wish I had a video camera at this exact moment, when they showed up on my parents big screen TV with all the lil girls screaming their tiny lil heads off with excitement! Jon, my brother in law, my dad, Becky and I were about to roll on the ground laughing at this site! Oh to be 9 and in love!

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  1. It was fun seeing you! Sounds like Myka had a fun birthday weekend!